Thursday, 29 July 2010


Well, 2 weeks spent in, I've traveled through France and everywhere in the UK but Scotland. Traveled around Scotland in years before though. Had some great fun and now I'm back!

I may have mentioned this in my last post, but I'm taking a break from Operation Clearout and doing my own little summer project. A film that'll probably end up being about 3 minutes long.

That's all for now, it's late and I want to get to be because I'm tired and I have a band practice tomorrow. See ya!

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Just to let all my readers know, I'm not dead. I was at a camp for the past week so I wasn't able to update. I'm also leaving for Holiday tomorrow at 5:00am (Monday 12 July) and it's a 2 week holiday. I won't be able to update there. 3 days after that I have another camp and during summer I have a few extra visits so holidays houes etc. so it's a very busy summer, but I'll try to update as much as possible. What's most likely going to happen is the 3 free weeks that I have, Operation Clearout is going to be on hold, and I'll be working on a 3-minute comedy project like I always used to. I will finish Operation Clearout but it's just delays and things in summer mean it's too big a project to carry on at this time, so you'll be seeing part 3 after summer, most likely.

This is just a quick post, so no links or info about Operation Clearout for now. Sorry guys, but it's time to peace out for 2 weeks. See you later!