Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Confessions of an Animator

Okay, honestly, I think that I'm really not that good at blogging. My blog posts probably bore you to death and I ramble a lot. I haven't really blogged in a while. I think I only seem to be blogging after I've animated, which is kind of bad, because then I just say one thing then extend the post with loads of things to make it worthy of being a blog post. So now I'll make a blog post that will from now HAVE NOTHING to do with animation.

The progress has been going a bit rough. Most of it looks good, but some voice actors are overdue on lines and it's hard to animate without them. I'll be moving on to more scenes and it could be that the situation gets worse. I'm editing right now, and I really have been thinking about it. There's lots of work going in here, really. We got a new soundtrack piece recently, which was great. It feels really god making your own music and then adding it to your film. It makes me feel all independent. Of course, there is a lot of work on other people's parts.

Thanks to all of you who are reading this blog and being enthusiastic about operation Clearout!

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