Tuesday, 8 June 2010


The process of animation hasn't officially begun yet. So far I've been doing a lot of scripting and getting lines from my voice actors. I'm working really hard to get this right so I'm taking time with the script to make sure that it's understandable and pulls you in.

However, it may turn out that reading this script if more fun than seeing it put to action, so I have to try extremely hard to make this good. Because of all these precautions that I'll be taking, part 3 won't be out for at least 2 months. My co-director (Cameron)
Will be helping me with this one a lot more. He's done a little bit on the first two but since summer is coming and we're getting a lot more time, we'll be able to cooperate more and we'll be able to work better.

Basically this post has been written to hype you up for part 3. We're going to try to unleash a blockbuster (ba-doom-tish) here, but if it doesn't succeed, there's always part 4!

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