Sunday, 27 June 2010

World Cup!

Hello, all!

Yes, I know you may think "This blog isn't about other things" but come on, one off? I'll put some stuff about operation Clearout in as well. Is that ok?

Anyway, I've been watching this world cup match (England vs Germany) and I'm so disappointed. England really had a chance and they're losing badly. Some of goals from Germany were due to terrible defense. I think that they seemed to be stuck to one area and they weren't moving. They did well just before half time and about 10 minutes after, but they couldn't maintain a strong defense and attack throughout the whole game, which was why Germany were able to score 4 goals. The match isn't over as I write this, so it may be outdated.

Lampard's shot was so in, and I can't believe the referee didn't allow it! I know we probably wouldn't have won anyway but one more goal would have been good! Anyway, for UK sports competition we still have Andy Murray in Wimbledon! Let's go there now! :P

Okay, Operation Clearout news. The reason there have hardly been any blogs this week is because everything has run smoothly. My main problem has been the sound design. I'm filling my hard drive up with all these gun noises and it's so hard to edit! there's so much sound that this is the first time I realised that my Sony Vegas has a limit on audio tracks. What a Pity.

Animation has been improving and I'm learning a lot through the project. I've got some simple effects going and it doesn't remove any entertainment, so I think that's a sign that the editing is okay! All the people I know who have been discussing Operation Clearout make me really happy. There aren't an empire of fans, but the people who like it like it a lot! All the support makes me confident and motivated.

If you're reading the blog then let me know it by following! All support for the project is much appreciated!

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